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Share your CPU to mine for free premium

Why pay if you can mine for Premium?!

Current rate = 300 M hashes ( 0.37 € ) for a premium account

With our client you'll mine at around 676 h/s and it'll take 5 days, 3 hours, 16 minutes and 27 seconds to get a premium account.

"What is this miner? and how to use this miner?"

Before you can start mining for premium you'll have to enter your BTC adress below.
You will then share a certain amount of cpu power to generate Hashes
The amount you generate you'll get back as a premium account (30 days) .. that way you can donate to us with out using money and we're not depended on premium members

Be a donator and share some cpu power to generate hashes and support fileshare.site in the proccess!

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